Kithy Wijnaar-Ranga

Financial Services Professional

Kithy Wijnaar-Ranga is a compassionate speaker, perseverate entrepreneur, and trustworthy Financial Services Professional with M.A. Epps and Associates.  Prior to joining M.A. Epps and Associates, she spent 19 years working alongside her husband engaged in international Christian ministries, building churches in the Caribbean, South America, and New York City.  Her mission has always been to empower and edify others through the word of God, utilizing biblical principles to build spiritual and physical well-being.  Kithy provides financial education on how to build generational wealth – educating, exhorting, and encouraging families from various socioeconomic backgrounds.  She is a Christ imitator, faithful and submissive wife, dedicated mother, and selfless missionary.  Additionally, Kithy is a self-proclaimed health guru who encourages others to be their own health advocate whenever she gets the chance.  She is life and health insurance licensed in Maryland and Virginia.  She has been with her husband, Steve, for 31 years, married for 25 years, and is the proud mother to three sons: Johnathan, age 17, Dylan, age 16, and Daniel, age 11.